Lotro F2P Revealed: Isengard in 2011

Lotro F2P Revealed: Isengard in 2011

Postby Sirus » Sat Jul 10, 2010 11:26 am

http://www.massively.com/2010/07/09/the ... h-turbine/

Isengard in 2011! The Turbine team really want to do this area justice, so they're spending a lot of time creating it to be as epic as possible.
Turbine is saving a level-cap increase for the Isengard expansion.
They're going to continue to roll out content updates on a regular basis, and may actually increase the speed at which these appear.
Will there be an increase in the virtue level cap? No immediate plans to do this.
Will we get new character customization options (such as facial hair for hobbits)? Turbine were coy on this.
Will there ever be new types of mounts other than horses and goats? Probably not, as the IP doesn't allow the team much leeway on this -- even the goats took a lot of effort to make work. No eagle mounts (I asked!).
New cosmetic models are in the works (not just re-skinned versions of old models).
Are we going to get a currency bag or something to take the tokens out of our inventories? Long-term, probably; short-term, no.
Are they going to reexamine the LFF system? "That would be right down the path of grouping and matchmaking solutions."
One of the possibilities for the future is to visit the dwarves in the White Mountains.
Future updates will address and streamline itemization.
Thanks to Turbine for taking the time to dish out the goods on this huge update! Check out the gallery below for even more screenshots of this tour:
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