Autumn Cups 2010: CoD4 Knockout Cup

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Autumn Cups 2010: CoD4 Knockout Cup

Postby >Neo< » Sat Oct 02, 2010 7:00 am

EDdY wrote:We will be running a Image Call of Duty 4 Promod Knockout Cup from Sunday 31st October to Monday 1st Novemeber!!

Image Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Search & Destroy - promod_mode match_mr12) 5vs5

Clans competiting in the competition are expected to be available for fixtures at the following times:

Sunday 31st October @ 19:30
Sunday 31st October @ 20:30
Sunday 31st October @ 21:30
Monday 1st Novemeber @ 19:30
Monday 1st Novemeber @ 20:30
Monday 1st Novemeber @ 21:30

The Final will be a Best of 3 and the finalists will be able to agree to a time and date within 1 week of this cup commencing.

The Number of Teams

- Allocation of teams to any competition is first come first served.
- Active Euro Domination teams get priority allocation.

- In the event of less than 8 signups then the competition will be cancelled.
- In the event of exactly 8 signups then the competition will continue with the 8 teams.
- In the event of between 9 and 16 signups then the competition will feature all the teams, however some teams will have a bye in the first round.
- In the event of exactly 16 signups then the competition will feature all 16 teams.
- In the event of more than 16 signups then some teams will have to miss out.

Qualification and Signup for the Cups

- All teams on the Euro Domination website with at least 6 registered players (all with registered and confirmed appropriate PB GUIDs) may sign up for the event.
- You can find the "Signup" for the cup on the Competition Management page.
- Signups are open right now.
- Signups will close at 00:00 GMT Wednesday 27th October.
- In the case off too many signups clans that are currently active in Euro Domination will have priority. The allocations of teams to positions in the cups are of a first come, first serve basis. If there is still room once all the active teams have been allocated a spot, then new/inactive teams that have signed up will be allocated a spot - again on a first come, first served basis.

Double Bookings

When a cup is announced, a list of times/dates are posted within the newsitem. All clans are expected to keep these times/dates clear on the battle planner.

Teams that already have a match that conflicts with these dates/times will not be included in the match regardless of how many teams the clan can field. The only exception to this rule, is if the clan in question contacts a member of Euro Domination staff* (with prior notice - at least 1 hour before the draw is scheduled to take place) indicating that they can participate and play two fixtures with enough players available to fullfil the requirements of both fixtures. Teams that are included in the cup but then later arrange a fixture in any other Euro Domination competition without notifying Euro Domination staff* (with a valid reason, for example - enough players to field two teams) beforehand will be disqualified from the cup.

* The staff member must be a competition supervisor or Game Admin. To view the roles of all Euro Domination staff, visit here.

The Maps

The following maps will be used:

- Backlot
- Crash
- Crossfire
- District
- Strike

Match Servers

We strongly suggest that you have a match server available for the entirety of your clan's participation in the cup.
All servers must be running the latest Punkbuster Configs, Match Configs and the appropriate mod. All of the previous is available to download at our Download's Page.

Neutral [E-Dom] servers are available upon request.

If both teams in a certain fixture both have available servers, then the [E-Dom] team will choose which one will be played (unless both teams mutually agree otherwise).

An [E-Dom] Neutral server will be provided for the final.

The Rules

In this cup, the Cup, General Games Rules and Call of Duty 4 Specific Rules must be followed and obeyed.

After a map is veto-ed the teams will knife for sides.

In the event of a draw MR3 will be played till a team is victorious. Teams will start on the same side they started the match.

Further Notes

GMT = Greenwich Mean Time. GMT is also known as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). The current time (UTC) is displayed at the very bottom of each Euro Domination webpage.

- If you have any questions about the cup, please ask your (appointed) game admin. For the Call of Duty 4 Cups, EDdY and Natha will be your Game Admins.

Good luck to all teams that participate, most importantly of all - have fun!
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Re: Autumn Cups 2010: CoD4 Knockout Cup

Postby SaulzR » Sat Oct 02, 2010 9:16 am

play this now :P
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Re: Autumn Cups 2010: CoD4 Knockout Cup

Postby kenitan » Sat Oct 02, 2010 12:52 pm

sunday so go go go :P
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